What is the minimum number of people for a reservation?
Reservations are accepted for groups of 2 or more.
Can the number of people for a reservation be changed?
If there are still open spaces for the day of travel, the number of reservations can be increased. If reducing the number of reservations, a cancellation fee will be charged for each individual cancellation made 7 days or less before the date of travel.
Can we apply to be put on a cancellation waiting list for dates which show as full through online reservations?
We do not maintain a cancellation waiting list, however in some cases reservations can still be accepted for small numbers of people even if reservations cannot be accepted online due to full capacity. Please contact us by phone in such cases.
How much are cancellation fees?
Cancellation fees for cancellations from 7 days before until 1 day before the date of travel are %50, while cancellation fees for cancellations on the date of travel are 100%. Cancellation fees for chartered cruises are 100% at any time from initial reservation. (Essentially cancellations are not accepted) Any "boat change" or "date or time change" requests are also treated as cancellations.
Can a yakatabune be chartered?
What are the fees for children?
We have separate fees set for elementary school children and younger children. Elementary school children fees are 2,700 yen, and fees for younger children are 1,100 yen.
Can I receive a receipt for payment?
Yes, we can issue receipts. Please request a receipt when making your reservation or when registering.
Do you accept credit cards?
We apologize for the inconvenience, but our company does not accept payment by credit card. We ask that customers pay either by bank transfer in advance or in cash on the date of travel.


What if I arrive significantly earlier than the departure time?
We have a waiting area which you can use to wait until the time of departure.
What times should we gather/will we depart for the shuttle bus from Shin Kiba Station?
Shuttle buses operate in "10 minute intervals" beginning "45 minutes before departure time". Buses will depart at the scheduled times, so we ask that passengers arrive with sufficient time before departure times.
What should I do if I am late for the bus?
Buses will depart at the scheduled times. We apologize for the inconvenience, but if you do not arrive in time for the bus, please use a taxi to arrive by the boat departure time. A taxi from Shin Kiba Station will take approximately 5 minutes and is charged according to the taxi meter. Ask the taxi driver to take you to "the Monja Yakatabune at Higashi Sengoku Bashi (2-6-3 Shin Kiba, Koto-ku)".
Do you have parking spaces available?
Our company does not maintain its own parking spaces. Coin operated parking is available at Shin Kiba Station which is the closest available parking. If arriving by car, please park your car at the coin operated parking at Shin Kiba Station, then use our shuttle bus service.
Will the cruise still be held even if it rains?
The yakatabune have roofs, so will operate as normal even if it rains.
Is operation ever cancelled?
Boat operation may be cancelled in cases where it is determined there are safety concerns, such as severe storms like typhoons, or in cases where a boat is damaged. Our company will notify customers about such situations as necessary.

Onboard the boat

Is smoking allowed or prohibited onboard the boat?
Smoking is prohibited for the entire boat for shared cruises. Tobacco cannot be smoked for the 2 hours onboard the boat. A smoking space is provided in the waiting area for use before boarding and after disembarking from the boat. *Smoking can be allowed for chartered cruises based on customer preference.
Can we go outside during the cruise?
Please refer to the following information on boat observation decks.
■Seafood Monja Yakatabune Tsukishima Maru: Has an observation deck on which passengers can go outside.
The deck (exterior of the boat) is only opened when the boat is anchored (during clear weather only). When safe, passengers will be informed of the deck being opened when anchored near Odaiba.
■Original Tsukishima Monja Yakatabune: Does not have an observation deck and passengers cannot go outside.
Please enjoy the view from the windows instead.
Are there restrooms onboard the boat?
The boats are equipped with flushing toilets. Each boat has either shared male and female restrooms or separate male and female restrooms. There are also 3 inidivudal male and female restrooms available at the Shin Kiba Pier waiting are(1 of which is barrier free)
Do the boats have heating and cooling?
Our company's boats are not equipped with air conditioners. During the summer mechanical fans and paper fans will be provided. During the winter, small heaters are provided, however as there can be significant temperature differences, it is recommended that those worried about the temperature prepare accordingly by bringing jackets, etc.
Can we bring our own food and items aboard?
We apologize for the inconvenience, but in order to maintain safety, we generally do not allow passengers to bring their own food and items. Exceptions can be made in some cases for food for infants, birthday cakes, etc. If bringing a cake onboard, customers must bring their own plates and forks, as well as ice packs, etc., as our company cannot provide these items.
Is there storage for suitcases or baby carriages?
These items can be stored in the waiting area before boarding the boat. However, please note that no custodian is always present, so any valuable items should be taken onboard the boat by passengers. *Items can be stored on the prow of some boats.
Is there a lot of rocking or swaying onboard the yakatabune?
The yakatabune are vehicles, so there is some rocking and swaying. It is recommended that passengers who are worried about seasickness take commercially sold seasickness medication before boarding.
Can pets be brought onboard the boat?
We apologize for the inconvenience but pets are not allowed onboard the board.
What is the time limit for the all-you-can-eat and drink?
The teppan griddle heat can be used for 90 minutes. The heat for the grills will be turned off once the time has elapsed, however passengers are free to continue to eat any food remaining on the griddles. Drinks are available for 110 minutes and can be served up to 10 minutes before arriving at the pier. New drinks are provided after finishing the previous drink, so please give empty bottles and cans to staff when ordering new drinks.


Can other food be ordered at extra costs?
Only the food provided on the all-you-can-eat menu on the website is provided.
Can the staff prepare the monjayaki for us?
The cooking is self-service, and customers are expected to cook their own food. The staff will explain how to cook the food after boarding the boat. Staff can provide assistance if customers have difficulty preparing the food.
Are there any charges other than the course fees?
All services are included in the posted fees, so there are no additional charges.
Are the boats equipped with karaoke equipment?
We apologize for the inconvenience, but the boats are not equipped with karaoke equipment.
We want to bring international visitors on the boat.
We welcome international visitors on all of our boats. Please note however that all seating on boats is Japanese style tatami mat seating only, and there is no sunken or recessed seating available. We can provide English menus, simply ask when making reservations or when boarding.
Is your company insured?
Yes, our company is enrolled in the following insurance.
■Shipowner liability insurance for passenger injuries
■Comprehensive general liability insurance
Insurance for injuries sustained during a cruise
・For accidents involving only our company's boat
・For accidents involving collisions or crashes with other vessels
・For cases where illegal marine dumping, etc. has an impact on the vessel
Insurance for accidents during a cruise (burns and injuries sustained as a result of falls)
・For cases where burns occur due to use of teppan griddles onboard the vessel
・For cases where injuries are sustained due to falls caused by rocking and swaying of the vessel during travel
・For cases where ingestion of the food or drink provided our company results in food poisoning
Can you arrange entertainers or companions?
We cannot make arrangements for entertainers or companions, but they are allowed onboard boats if arranged by passengers.
*Each entertainer or companion brought on board the boat will be counted as 1 additional passenger.
*Please do not arrange for entertainers or companions for shared cruises.
What if I have food allergies?
Please check the list of allergens. If there are any items to which you are allergic in the products provided by our company, we can provide you with products with the indicated items removed. You can also request ingredients be removed when ordering during the cruise by requesting hall staff "hold the shrimp" or similar, as well as when making reservations. Please note that changes cannot be made to the stocks or broths.
Can the arrival or departure locations for the boat be changed to different locations?
We apologize for the inconvenience, however the departure and arrival locations cannot be changed as we are a Passenger Carrying Irregular Route Business (tramp service).
Can the shuttle bus do pickups at locations other than Shin Kiba Station?
We apologize for the inconvenience, however our shuttle bus only operates between Shin Kiba Pier and Shin Kiba Station.
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