Vtuber天開司×江戸前汽船コラボ船 運航開始!

VTuber Tenji x Edo -mae Kaga Ship Collaboration Ship Started!

I am doing various activities, focusing on games live and singing
BANS, a collaboration ship with Tenkaji, a virtual debtor YouTuber!

Internal decoration

Collaboration with TenkajiOriginal decorationWe are waiting for you.

Special plan

In the ship, Tenjuji's original announcement benefits video
We will also broadcast it.
I also bet on Tenkaji's autographed benefits GETAlso implementing a chin -rug game on the shipI will do it Please join us.

  • Collaboration key visual development
  • Collaboration food development
  • Collaboration goods sales (stores & online)
  • Collaboration ship internal decoration
  • Privilege
  • Household ship operation (on -board special video & announcement / implementation of indoor game)

Detail isHerefrom!

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