Introducing safety and security initiatives

Efforts for safety and security

In providing a safe cruise, we will introduce the safety equipment of ships and daily inspection activities.


■ In -ship equipment

・ Life -selling equipment

All ships have been installed in the event of an accident, such as lifesaving, life -saving float, AED, and fire extinguisher for maximum number of minutes of each ship.

・ Communication equipment
In an emergency, all ships are installed on the ship that can be contacted by the Japan Coast Guard, other ships, and outside.


■ Daily inspection

・ Executive inspection

We check the institutions and check the hull and safety equipment, and inspect each time we set off whether it can be operated normally.
・ Tour on the ship
While sailing, we are checking for abnormalities inside the ship.
・ Regular emergency training

We regularly carry out the life training of the fallen waters, the rescue training using AED, and the fire training.


■ Hull maintenance

We conduct ship inspections at each ship, the annual transportation bureau and the small ship mechanism, and regularly check the bottom of the boat and maintain the hull and institutions.


 ■ Operation

If a storm such as a strong wind or a typhoon is more than 10 meters, it may be canceled if the ship breaks down.
In that case, we will contact you at any time of cancellation.

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