The year -end party BBQ course with domestic cow lumps!

[Forget -New Year party! Domestic beef lump meat BBQ course]

Toward the year of 2023 leap! Cultivate your spirit with lump meat♪
We have prepared special domestic beef lump meat.
Please enjoy the sum of Edo -mae arrangement and Western innovative.

We accept both "Friends with small groups" and "Sandable groups".♪

■ Course details


Domestic beef lump meat BBQ course (with all -you -can -drink for 2 hours)

・ Edo -maita Cheese cheese fondue & red sea bream dashi Ahijo

・ Edo -mae domestic beef lump meat steak

・ Edo -mae Garlic Rice of Sauce

・ Edo -mae smooth soy sauce Purin

One person:9,900 yen(tax included)

Child (up to 4 years old under elementary school students and below): 6,930 yen (tax included)

Infant (3 years old or younger): 1,100 yen (tax included)


Charter fee:246,400 yen ~

* Charter is accepted by phone

Reservation phone number03-6276-9963


■ Tour route

Departure and arrival departure and arrival of Shinkiba * 2 hours


Click here to make a reservation


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