Enjoy Monja -yaki


Household ship experience


Please meet at Shinkiba Station. The Shuttle bus of Edo -mae Kaga ship will be welcomed.

・ Please wait in the Edo emotional waiting room until boarding. The houseboat where you board is right in front of you.


I'm ready. When you go down the pier, there is a houseboat. Please be careful of your feet and board. The boatman will support you for safety when boarding.

Odaiba course

It is "Ukifune Maru" that mainly sails Odaiba. This has all 4 ships. It is widely used from a large number of people to share. Please experience the "elegance" of Tokyo Odaiba for the light -up reflected on the water surface.

Sumida River course

"Tsukishimaru" is a sailing of the Sumida River course exclusively for lunch. We will go through the historic bridge one by one for the Sky Tree.


Monja -yaki plan will be offered all -you -can -drink and all -you -can -eat. Please enjoy the classic menu of downtown "Monja" until your heart is thorough. Please feel free to tell the staff, such as not knowing how to bake or burning well. Since we are always on board multiple people, we will support you firmly.

welcome home

After about 2 hours of tour, you will return to the port. Of course, when you get off the ship, the boatman and staff will help you.


Thank you for boarding. We look forward to your use again.

Usage scene

On the anniversary of the couple & girls' association♪

How about a surprise only for Edo -mae Kisen on various anniversaries? Cheese free service with name!

Become a famous secretary in a high -participation rate♪

OK for charter! We will provide a famous secretary project with a high participation rate.

For memories of your family on a houseboat♪

Because it is a parlor, small children are safe♪We will provide a houseboat experience that will remain in your children.

For events and photography location by charter♪

Please feel free to call for inquiries.
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