What is Edo -mae Kisen?

Edo -mae Kisen is a "industry's lowest price" based on the concept of "safety, cleanliness and reasonable (worth more than price)" based on the vision of "expanding the house ship with entertainment" vision.

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Two ways of enjoying

Safety and security of Edo -mae Kisen

In providing a safe cruise, we will introduce the safety equipment of ships and daily inspection activities.

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Tour course

With two types of tours that can be selected from two types
Access to the boarding ground

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Access to the boarding ground

This is the information of the boarding ground when using the houseboat.

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You can choose the industry's lowest prices, Monjayaki Course and Michelan Star Restaurant Raprodus, Supervisor Supervisor Subles Supervisor.

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Usage fee

The price includes the house ship boarding fee+all -you -can -eat food and all -you -can -drink.

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