What is Edo -mae Kisen?


History of houseboat

The prototype of the "houseboat" is the Heian period. Born as a privileged class play such as a nobleman. In the Edo period, water transportation developed remarkably as a means of maintaining rivers and moving the moat. The hull of the houseboat has also become gorgeous, and daimyo and Australian merchants have been loved for the purpose of playing such as cherry blossom viewing, moon viewing, fireworks and cooling, and has been popular as "the price is higher than the restaurant." After that, the house ship spread to the Edo people at once, and someday, the entertainment, which crowded the people of Edo, was sublimated into "Entertainment". As an Edo culture that remains in modern times, it is spun into the present of the peace.

The thoughts of Edo -mae Kisen

"Expanding the houseboat with entertainment"

Edo -mae Kisen is a "industry's lowest price" based on the concept of "safety, cleanliness and reasonable (worth more than price)" based on the vision of "expanding the house ship with entertainment" vision. An extraordinary water experience over "Odaiba" and "Rainbow Bridge", which symbolizes the evolution of Tokyo. All -you -can -eat "creative iron plate dishes" and all -you -can -drink drinks that focus on Tokyo's specialty "Tsukishima Monjayaki". And the iron plate real communication that plays "monja -yaki", connects important people and people. Please feel free to enjoy Edo / Tokyo Culture [Houseboat] Entertainment for customers from all over the world, nationwide, and Tokyo.


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