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Shinkiba departure / Odaiba course

A cruise to "Odaiba", which colors the present in Tokyo. After passing through the Toyosu area from the Shinkiba Pier, you can go to Odaiba where you can watch the "Fuji TV Headquarters Building" and others if you dive in Rainbow Bridge, one of Tokyo's famous places. Please enjoy the taste of monja -yaki in downtown while feeling the sea breeze of Tokyo Bay.

Tour route

Tatsumi International Swimming Plant

A distinctive roof building used as a venue for the Olympics.

Tokyo Aqueartics Center

It is a facility used as an Olympic swimming venue.

Dream island

It is an artificial island in Koto Ward, a large park with stadiums and botanical gardens. At the beginning of the landfill, an airfield was planned.

Toyosu Market

The wholesale market opened in 2018 as an alternative facility for the Tsukiji Market. From the Shinonome Canal, you can see the fruit and vegetables that trade vegetables and fruits.

Ariake arena

It was used at the Olympic volleyball venue. The warped roof is characteristic, and it is designed to reduce the reflection of sunlight on the surrounding apartments.

Ariake gymnastics stadium

A building used in gymnastics. The feature is that the most wood is used among the Olympic facilities.

Toyosu Gururi Park

It is a park with a wedding hall and an outdoor BBQ place. It is famous for being used in various dramas and commercials.

Tokyo Tower

From Tokyo Port, there are points that can be seen a little from the building. Please be careful of the announcement so that you do not miss it!

Rainbow Bridge

The official name is "Tokyo Port Liaison Bridge". The aim is a few days at the end of the year, which is actually lit up to Rainbow.

Sixth Daiba

It is an artificial island that was built as a scaffold for the cannon when Perry arrived, and became the origin of the name of Odaiba. (Gundaiba → Odaiba → Odaiba)

Odaiba Kaihin Park

Kaihin Park was used as a venue for triathlon at the Olympics. It is one of the best dusk night view spots in Tokyo.

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Departure time

Depart from Shinkiba Pier

12:30 flight / 16:00 flight / 19:00 flight

Shuttle bus timetable

Ship departure time Bus departure time at Shinkiba Station
12:30 flight 11:50 / 12:10
16:00 flight 15:20 / 15:40
19:00 flight 18:20 / 18:40

[About bus operation]

* It is operated only between "Shinkiba Pier and Shinkiba Station" by law.

Access to Shinkiba Pier

Please come to the shuttle bus stop in front of the station in front of "Shinkiba Station" on the JR Keiyo Line / Tokyo Metro Yurakucho Line.

Kachidoki departure / Sumida River course

* You can choose by chartered flight

One of the historical bridges. As you pass through, you will see a new famous place in Tokyo, Sky Tree, appears in front of you. Please enjoy the collaboration between the downtown Asakusa and Sky Tree, which remains Edo.

Tour route

Permanent bridge

Japan's first iron bridge and the national important cultural property. The retro atmosphere that is lit up blue is a must -see.

Nihonbashi River

Upstream from Nihonbashi, you can also see Ishigaki from the Edo period. It is said that the cherry blossoms on the pier of Nihonbashi match the atmosphere of the bridge and are hidden.

Kiyosu Bridge

An important cultural property planned along with Eiyo Bridge as a reconstruction project for the Great Kanto Earthquake. The point where you can see the Sky Tree in the center of the bridge from the downstream side is a must -see!

New bridge

It is also called a "human help bridge" because it saved many lives without collapsing in the Great Kanto Earthquake. The next Ryogoku Bridge was called Ohashi Bridge, so it became Shin -Ohashi.

Ryogoku Bridge

It is called Ryogoku Bridge because it crosses the two countries in the west Musashi country and Shimosanoku on the east side. Originally it was called Ohashi.

Kanda River

A first -class river that connects Inokashira Pond in Inokashira Park in Mitaka City as a water source. It is unusual for a river that flows through the city center, and is characterized by all of them on the ground.

Sumida River Terrace Gallery

On the promenade upstream from Ryogoku Bridge, there are many copied Nishiki paintings by Katsushika Hokusai and Utagawa Hiroshige. The fence along the river depicts 48 sumo wrestlers.

Kuramae Bridge

The origin of the name is that there were many shogunate rice brewery. The yellow color reminiscent of the color of the rice is impressive.

Stable bridge

It came from the fact that many horses to transport rice were kept in this area in the Edo period. It is characterized by a glasswork designed with a horse.


A bridge near the subway Asakusa Station. There is Sensoji Temple on the Taito Ward side. The origin of the name is that it leads to Azuma Shrine on the east side.

Asahi Beer Headquarters Building

It is a golden building inspired by beer, and the upper part is made like a bubble. The golden object on the side of the Super Dry Hall is a flame of Asahi Breweries, and the lower building is made in the image of a torch.

Row of cherry trees

After crossing the iron bridge on the Tobu Railway Isesaki Line (Tobu Sky Tree Line), you can see cherry blossom trees on both banks of the river. In the cherry blossom season, night lighting is also performed.

Dialogue bridge

The name of the bridge is derived from the waka wrote by Nogidaira in Hara.

Tokyo Sky Tree

It is 634m in height, boasting the world's number one in the world and the world's second largest tower. Different light -ups for each event are sighted.

Cherry blossom bridge

Sumida River's only pedestrian bridge. In the spring, beautiful cherry blossoms were visible on both banks of the river, so it was named Sakurabashi. It is also called "X bridge" because it looks like an alphabet X when viewed from above.

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Departure time

Departure of the Ashio Pier (Kachidoki)

Departure 12:00/16:00 departure/19:30 departure

* There is no shuttle bus because of the public dock.

Access to Kachidoki Pier


About 6 minutes on foot from Exit A-2A, Kachidoki Station on the Toei Oedo Line