Notice of price revision

[Notice of fee revision]

Thank you for your patronage of Edo -mae Kisen.

By the way, as raw materials, fuel, and labor costs have continued to rise, we have been working hard to maintain the current services and prices, but it has become difficult to maintain services.

Therefore, from December 1, 2022, we decided to revise this price without stopping.

We apologize for any inconvenience, but we sincerely ask for your understanding and continued to be patronized in the future.


〇 Tsukijima Monjaya -shaped boat mating price (tax included)

12:30 flight, 16:00 flight:6,600 yen

19:00 flight:7,700 yen

・ Child (small)Up to 4 years old under students)

12:30 flight, 16:00 flight:4,620 yen

19:00 flight:5,390 yen

・ 3 years old or younger: 1,100 yen

* We will also secure a seat for infants.

Web reservation


〇 Tsukijima Monja -shaped ship charter price (tax included)

12:30 flight, 16:00 flight:211,200 yen ~

19:00 flight:246,400 yen ~

* The above is the minimum guarantee amount. We accept reservations by phone.

Reservation only dial: 03-6276-9963