Kemono Friends x Edo -mae Kisen Monja Yatari Ship x Aoi Tenjita

Kemono Friends ×
 Edo -mae Kisen Monjaya ×
 Under the hell
~ "Kemono Friends" design label
Alcohol and mineral water appeared! ~

[Event content]

"Aoi Tenjita", which won the National Sake Appraisal Gold Award, and the popular content "Kemono Friends" are miraculous collaboration!
We sell "Aoi Tenjita" designed by Kemono Friends Characters, and "Mineral Water", which is not good at alcohol, sells on board.

[Collaboration design product]

  • ・ Monja Serval x Aoi Tenjita ¥ 1,500-
  • ・ Tsuchinoko x Aoi Tenjita ¥ 1,500-
  • ・ Tiger x Aoi Tenjita ¥ 1,500-
  • ・ Monja Serval x Mineral Water ¥ 350-

【start date】

Friday, April 1, 2022
Sold on a regular shared ship and chartered ship.


  • ・ The relevant sake and mineral water will be sold on the ship only to customers who have boarded (excluding minors).
  • ・ We will confirm the age when boarding.
  • ・ The take -out of the container is only empty bottles except mineral water.
  • ・ Regarding the sale of Aoi Ten, it will be sold one by one (drank purchase system).
  • ・ Depending on the sales situation, we may not be provided.
  • ・ It will be sold only in cash.
  • ・ If the number of customers on board is too small, transfer to other flights may be transferred or canceled.
  • ・ We operate with reduced number of seats than normal flights to prevent new colonavirus infections. Other measuresHere
  • ・ We are grateful to board more than the prescribed capacity. Please note.