Friday 19:00 Kachidoki (Asashio Pier) departs


Friday at 19:00, Kachidoki (Asashio Pier) departs! If you have a vacant seat, you can board on the day without a reservation!

How about a houseboat on your way home from work? !

All -you -can -eat monja grilled, all -you -can -drink alcohol, 6,600 yen per person!

Please feel free to use a houseboat♪


[Departure place]

■ Kachidoki (Asashio Pier) Departure and arrival and Odaiba 2 Hours Course


 ・ If the customer's reservation is too small, we may judge the cancellation.

・ If there is an empty seat, you can board without a reservation on the day, but if you are full, you will not be able to board. We also accept reservations in advance.