Chartered ship cruising!

A special price has been prepared to commemorate the start of business of houseboat cruising by charter.
It can be used for various purposes such as cruising, party venue, classroom use, shooting use, and circle use.

* Please note that there is no food and drink.

2 hours:110,000 yenIncluded tax (about 2,620 yen per person! * If you use it by 42 people)
30 minutes extension:27,500 yenTax included
Dietary carry -in fee:22,000 yenIncluded tax * Eating and drinking will occur when brought in the ship.

[Tour course]
There is a free shuttle bus from Shinkiba Odaiba Tour Course from Shinkiba Station
* Please contact us if you wish to have a tour course.

[Ship usage]
Number of capacity: up to 42 people


Equipment: digging tables (can also be changed to parlors), observation decks, cooling and heating, karaoke, 2 places, refrigerators, freezers
* For safety, the observation deck can be used only during anchor.
* We accept seat arrangement layouts and changes on board.

[About cancellation]
Cancellations for the customer reasons will be charged for "30 % from 2 weeks ago", "50 % the day before", and "100 % on the day".

・ There is no food and drink.
・ When you bring food and drinks on the ship, you will pay 22,000 yen (including tax) as a food and drink fee. Please let us know in advance.
・ Please arrange meals and drinks from the customer. Please note that we can not respond.
・ Please let us know in advance when using catering services and delivery. Also, if you are canceled due to typhoon or strong winds on the day, please note that the cancellation fee related to eating and drinking will be borne by the customer. In addition, ships cannot be used without sailing.
・ Please contact us in advance when bringing large equipment etc. into the ship. Please note that it may not be possible to carry in depending on the size and weight.
・ Please note that if dangerous or annoying acts are confirmed, the operation may be discontinued.
・ If a storm such as a typhoon is determined that it will hinder safety, or if the ship breaks down, it may be canceled. In that case, we will contact you at any time of cancellation.

[Reservation / inquiry]
Edo -mae Kisen Co., Ltd.