Edo -mae Kaga Ship Museum

★★Edo -mae Kaga Ship Museum★★
The museum is based on the concept of "Edo Culture". Former Yokozuna Chiyo Fuji (predecessor, Kujaya master), former Yokozuna Daiho, and other famous wrestlers, and mikoshi that can be actually carried. There are many valuable items that can experience Edo culture.

■ List of major exhibits


  • Makeup

    There are many very valuable makeup turns that are actually worn by wrestlers, including the three alignments of Showa Oyokozuna and Taiho. In addition, there are some that can be used to wear.


    Pearl picture

    A total of 36 ukiyo -e paintings are on display. Above all, the "Ryogoku University Sumo Shigeoyuki Figure" (1853, Kaei 6) by Ukiyo -e artist Kunigo Ukiyo, a Ukiyo -e painter in the late Edo period is a very valuable work.


    Mikoshi / lion dance

    You can actually carry or wear it.



■ Edo -mae Kaga Ship Museum
・ Admission: Free