2023 cherry blossom viewing

The most popular cherry blossom viewing flights are operated until 4/10 (Sun) every year!

There is a limited seat. The reservation will be full immediately after the reservation starts, so please make a reservation as soon as possible! Infectious disease measures are perfect! This year's cherry blossom viewing is away from the crowd and enjoy it on a houseboat!
Reservation is online (http://edomaekisen.com/
Or 03-6276-9963 (11: 00-19: 30)


2 hours where you can enjoy houseboat at a reasonable price! Standard cherry blossom viewing plan


With an observation deck! Monja+Domestic beef lump 2.5 hours satisfaction plan

Number of people

Two people ~

Tour time

2.5 hours

Departure time

Kachidoki (Asashio Pier) departure and arrive: 12:00 departure/16:00 departure/19:30 departure

Tour course

Sumida River tour course only

Price (tax included)

Departs 12:30/16:00: 8,800 yen

Departed from 19:30: 9,900 yen

Meals and drinks

Monja / teppanyaki all -you -can -eat+domestic beef lump meat+all -you -can -drink

Observation deck

can be


〇 Reserved (only for telephone calls)

Ideal for banquets and reunions! Monja all -you -can -eat plan

Departs 12:30/16:00 Departed from 19:30
Up to 32 people ¥211,200 ¥246,400
Up to 48 people ¥316,800 ¥369,600
Up to 65 people ¥429,000 ¥500,500


Praise and cherry blossom viewing banquet! Observation deck & domestic beef with chunks of meat all -you -can -eat plan

Departs 12:30/16:00 Departed from 19:30
Up to 32 people ¥281,600 ¥316,800

[Notes on reservation]

    • In principle, both share and charter are paid in advance.
      Online: Credit card payment only
      Telephone: Credit card payment or bank transfer
    • A prescribed cancellation fee will be charged for both share and charter.
      Shaing: 50 % from 5 days before the boarding date to the previous day, 100 % on the day
      Charter: 30 % from 2 weeks before the boarding date, 50 % from one week to day ago, 100 % on the day
      ("Change ship" and "Change date / time" are also treated as canceled).
    • If the customer's reservation is too small, we may judge the cancellation.
      Only in case of cancellation, we will contact you 5 to 3 days before the boarding date.

  • From Shinkiba, a free shuttle bus will be picked up at Shinkiba Station. It will depart from the shuttle bus stop 20 minutes before the departure time and 40 minutes before the departure time, so please be careful not to be late.
    For details on the meeting placeHerePlease refer to the.
  • KachidokiMorning tide small ship platformPlease gather 15 minutes before the departure time.